In addition to the highly skilled team of employees, Exmet is further developed, directed and supported by experienced co-founders as well as board members and the key industrial investors; AM Ventures and Volvo Cars Tech Fund.

The commercialization of Exmet Amorphous Technologies was initiated in 2017 when the strategic venture company AMV invested in Exmet. AMV, being part of EOS, the leading provider of 3D metal technologies, contributes with in-depth industrial know-how and an extensive network.

In 2020 Volvo Cars and Exmet entered a financial and technical partnership through Volvo Cars Tech Fund, VCTF. The partnership brings long term stability and is fully in line with the ambition of both parties to increase performance and efficiency in e-mobility and support the global efforts to electrify transports.

”“We are looking forward to support Exmet on their way to amorphous metal parts with completely new and unique properties,”

Johann Oberhofer, Executive Vice President Technology, AM Ventures.,”

”We see great value in the partnership with Exmet and it further proves Volvo Cars commitment to the leadership in e-mobility and to be a part of the solution to the climate challenge,”

Raymond Millien, Vice President & Global Chief IP Counsel at Volvo Cars.

If you are interested in investing in Exmet Amorphous Technology and be part of our continuous value growth, please contact us.