Exmet Amorphous Technology AB

Exmet Amorphous Technology AB develops and markets solutions for the design of amorphous metal components, of any size, shape and thickness, using additive manufacturing technology.  
Our solutions comprise the proprietary amorphous process technology; ExMet AM², metal powder supply as well as application development services.  

Exmet Amorphous Technology AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to our own laboratory and process equipment we have access to extensive instruments and competencies within the premises, through a national research institute, enabling us to fully drive and validate our development.

The extended competence team of Exmet includes the employed staff of process experts, material engineers and application specialists, as well as highly experienced founders, advisors, board members and industrial investors. Together, we are able to move Exmet into the future as your technology partner in amorphous processes and materials.

Exmet Amorphous Technology AB is a result of more than a decade of local extensive research and development in the field of amorphous technology, in close cooperation with Swedish research institutes and universities. The commercialization of the technology and Exmet was initiated in 2017 in collaboration with industrial partners and investors.


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