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Exmet enters partnership with Volvo Cars

Press release
Stockholm, Sweden, December 10th, 2020

A partnership to accelerate e-mobility

Exmet enters financial and technical partnership with Volvo Cars.

The new partnership with Volvo Cars is fully in line with Exmet’s strategy to focus on the
industrialisation of its proprietary technology to increase performance and efficiency in e-mobility
and support the global efforts to electrify transports.
Exmet’s technology enables the design and manufacturing of automotive and industrial metal
components with new outstanding material properties.
Materials based on Exmet’s process technologies result in significantly increased efficiency as well as
substantial overall weight reduction in e-mobility, power electronics and electrical devices; such as
motors, generators, transformers and converters. “These are but some of the applications that are
of interest to develop together with Volvo Cars,” says Mattias Unosson, Co-founder and CEO at

“We see great value in the partnership with Exmet and it further proves Volvo Cars commitment to
the leadership in e-mobility and to be a part of the solution to the climate challenge,” says Raymond
Millien, Vice President & Global Chief IP Counsel at Volvo Cars.

About Exmet AB
Swedish SME Exmet develops technology for additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing or
free form fabrication) of amorphous (also known as bulk metallic glasses or glassy alloys) and nanocrystalline metals, that allows our partners and customers to fully exploit the superior mechanical
and soft-magnetic properties of this material group for industrial applications.

About Volvo Cars

For additional information, please contact:
Mattias Unosson, Co-founder and CEO
Exmet AB
Isafjordsgatan 28A
164 40 Kista

Exmet is expanding – join the amorphous revolution and bring disorder to order

Exmet Amorphous Technology AB has developed a proprietary technology, based on additive manufacturing, enabling the design and serial production of amorphous components for industrial applications.

The introduction of Exmet’s solutions has been very successful in our target markets. Exmet is expanding and we are constantly looking for professionals and talents that will add competence to our team and contribute to the further growth of our business. Please find our Job vacancies below, or get in touch with us for an open application.

Job Vacancies:

Material scientist specialized in theory & practice of amorphous metals and BMGs